Life Coaching

(Middle and High School Aged Youth)

While coaching with Derneeka, the coachee will be able to explore challenging areas of their life using research-based tools that will help them discover who they are and enable them to make choices that reflect their self-worth.


Life coaching sessions address topics including, but not limited to:

  • Discovering Personal Passions and Interests

  • Body Image and Self Love

  • Healthy Sexuality

  • Dating, break-ups

  • Navigating Friends and Cliques

  • Bullying

  • Decision Making: Drugs, Alcohol, Peer Pressure

  • Non-Violent Communication

  • Healthy Parent/Child Relationship/Communication

  • Study Strategies

  • College Prep & Applications

  • School/Life Balance

6 to 12-Month Coaching Program with Derneeka

$200.00 Monthly

  • Minimum 6-month commitment

  • Includes weekly coaching sessions virtually – 45-minutes each​

  • Introductory assessments are completed to design tailored coaching goals

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Benefits of Life Coaching

All youth can benefit from the influence of a positive and supportive adult who helps them negotiate the many pressures they face, especially those in underserved communities. Pre-teens and teens naturally have the desire to establish their own identities and make their own decisions, but don't always have the tools and support to do so. Derneeka's goal is to help fill the support gap for struggling, underserved youth so that they may develop and grow through self-mastery, self-advocacy, and self-determination.


Benefits of a Life Coach include:


  • Increased Self-determination

  • Greater Self- and Others-awareness

  • Flexibility, Tolerance, and Collaborative Problem-solving

  • Proactive Skill Building

  • Meaning, Purpose, and Goal-orientation

  • Friendship Building and Social Navigation Skills

  • Healthier Decision Making

  • Improved Grades and Academic Direction

  • Increased Self-Love

  • Improved Communication with Parents, Teachers, and Peers

  • Understanding of Choice and Accountability

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