Workshops for Pre-Teen, Teenage and Young Adult Girls

The Challenge

We live in a fear-based world full of people searching for unconditional love in people, places, and things. What we consider “normal” is a mindset full of false beliefs and dysfunctional communication skills and behaviors to support them. That being said, what are children learning from us “normal” adults? Who is teaching them how to transition from fear-based living to love-based living? Parents don’t have the skills and teachers, school counselors, social workers and psychologist can only do but so much when they have an abundance of students to serve.

The Solution

Alternative programs that bridge the gap between school, home, and the real world. Pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults need to learn the essential life skills that aren’t taught at home or in school, but will be required of them in the real world. The workshops I offer focus on self-love, authenticity, sex education, non-violent communication and healthy relationships with self and others. These teachings are critical to pre-teens, teenagers, and young adult females to be able to transition from fear to love-based living.

Teach the children... so it will not be necessary to teach the adults.

-Abraham Lincoln
Self-Love Workshop

This workshop takes concepts that are being taught to adult women in the self-help field and tailors them for younger audiences so that they may also reap the benefits of cultivating self-love. Learning these skills at an early age will prevent participants from needing self-help related services as adults. They will learn the importance of self-love, how everything in life starts with them, and how to let go and move on from people and things that do not support their well-being. Learn More Here

Conscious Sex Education Workshop

This is not your traditional sex education class! The conscious sex education workshop explores sex from a holistic perspective offering attendees the opportunity to have an open dialog on the taboo topics they can’t talk about in school or at home in a safe nurturing environment. Participants learn about the physical and non-physical aspects of sex, the female anatomy, and other important sexual health related topics. Learn More Here

Healing Mother-Daughter Relationships

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Healing Sexual Trauma With Dance

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Healing Sexual Trauma With Meditation

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Sex Trafficking in America: What You Don't Know That You Should

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Are you are a school, non-profit or conference coordinator for young women conferences interested in self-love or conscious sex workshops? Please contact me, I work within and outside of the United States.
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