my name is Derneeka, thank you for visiting. I’m a New York born and raised lively, brainy, outspoken visionary and mother that is devoted to empowering mothers and daughters through speaking, writing and education.

I serve in this way because life experiences such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse as a child and adult altered my capacity to love myself and others unconditionally, engage in unimpaired romantic and sexual relationships and be my true authentic self.

As I began my healing path, which consists of many books, teachers, mentors, and genres of healing arts, I observed that many women around me had similar pasts and were suffering from self-hate and love addiction just like I was.

So I dedicated myself to being the change through You, In Bloom, a company I opened in 2012. While already an MBA, I became a certified Reiki and Tantra Practitioner. I am also a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles. Through You, In Bloom, I passed on awareness, wisdom and life skills I learned through Life Coaching and Mentoring.

Now, 4- years later, without attachments to titles and labels I am just Derneeka, a speaker, writer, and educator that is dedicated to the healing, growth and transformation of mothers and daughters all around the world.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you leave inspired to be the change!

Compassionate, yet will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Positive and motivational. A woman that understands being a woman through experiences and can understand what you need and what you are going through. I hear her voice in my head daily motivating me to think bigger.


Derneeka helped me grow into someone I never knew was there and may not have become without her help. She has truly helped me blossom into an incredible woman. She helped me to believe in myself, open up and figure out what career path I wanted. She helped me to think outside of the box and gave me a push when I needed it and introduced me to meditation and yoga which have changed my life. I believe that having her help has made this smile bigger and even brighter so I can share it with the world.


I was blessed to speak with Derneeka during a very transitional time in my life. It has been a couple of years since we had a session, but to this very day what she gave to me then still helps and guides me. Her compassionate ear and loving heart caused me to feel at ease immediately. And the insight and advice she provided, I consider to be invaluable. I am and will always be grateful!


"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."

Carl Gustav Jung